The Salvation Army Red Kettles have been an American tradition since 1891, helping raise financial support for critical Salvation Army programs and services year round.  This campaign allows you to host your own Red Kettle - online.  Over the years, the Red Kettle Campaign has grown into one of the most recognizable and important charitable campaigns in the United States – providing toys for kids, coats for the homeless, food for the hungry and countless social service programs year-round. You become a vital part of our Christmas efforts when you help those in need by hosting an Online Red Kettle and filling it with donations from family, friends and colleagues.

Gifts to your red kettle will support The Salvation Army in your local community, which is selected based on the zip code you enter when you register. If you wish to raise money for a different community, simply access your Profile under "My Account" and select a different city and state through the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page.

Individual Kettle - An Individual Kettle is your own personal online kettle where you can invite others to donate. 

Team Kettle - A Team Kettle consists of multiple Individual Kettles.  Funds raised by each Individual Kettle within the Team Kettle are combined and reflected on the Team Kettle page.

Company Kettle - A Company Kettle consists of multiple Team Kettles.  Funds raised by each Team within the Company Kettle are combined and reflected on the Company Kettle page.  Individual Kettles can also directly join and fundraise for a Company Kettle without being a part of a Team.

First, decide if the Kettle you're setting up will represent an individual person or groups of people. 

For Individuals: If you want to start your own kettle and there are no group kettles you would like to join, select "Start a personal kettle".  If, for example, you want to join a group kettle that your best friend, sports team, or employer set up, you also have the option to "Join an Existing Team" or "Join under a Company Kettle".

For Groups: Starting a Team Kettle is a great option for friends, family members, sports teams, church groups or other organizations that want to make fundraising a group effort.  Start a Company Kettle if you have more than one team within your group.  For example, Bill's Grocery Store can start a Company Kettle and their bakery, produce, and pharmacy departments each can create a Team Kettle under the Company Kettle.

If you did not choose to be a part of a Team or Company Kettle during the original registration process, we can help you join one. Simply send us a message using the Contact Us form.

No. We are truly grateful for those who decide to host their own Online Red Kettle and raise funds on our behalf.

Yes.  Everyone who donates online to an Online Red Kettle will receive an email acknowledgement to the address that was provided at the time the donation was made.  You can print the email to use for tax purposes.

No, not at all.  By using the tools provided in your Online Red Kettle Headquarters, as well as tips sent to you by The Salvation Army, you will be well-equipped to make the most out of your kettle.

Log in to your kettle.  At the top of the page click on “My Messages” and then select “New Message.”  You can then select the type of message you want to send.  For emails, you even have the option to choose from several pre-written sample messages.

Absolutely. Log in to your kettle, click on “My Messages” at the top of the page, and select “Address Book.” Then select the “Contact” button that appears near the middle of the screen and click on “Import contacts.” 

Yes, you can use an existing email account to email others.  Log in to your kettle and send yourself an email using the steps provided in “How do I send out messages.”  You can then forward this message to others through your existing email account.

Click on the Contact Us tab and provide the requested information along with a detailed description of the problem or question.  We will get back to you as quickly as possible

If you've forgotten your User Name and/or Password, try checking the confirmation email we sent you when you registered - it’s in that email. Otherwise, go to the Online Red Kettle login page and click the red Forgotten Password? link to have it emailed to you. If those options don't work, please use the Contact Us form and inlcude your kettle name, and describe the problems that you are experiencing.

Participants have the option of logging in to Online Red Kettle with their existing Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. In that case, the system uses your user name and password for the account you selected instead of requiring you to create a unique log in for Online Red Kettle.

Everyone who donates to an Online Red Kettle receives an email acknowledgement for their donation.  However, if you would like to send a personalized thank you, please feel free to do so. There's even a pre-written sample e-mail in your "My Messages" page.

You are able to customize your own Red Kettle page, but it is optional. Customizing your personal page allows you to share why you are raising funds on behalf of The Salvation Army, and making the extra effort to personalize things has been shown to boost fundraising results.

The Online Red Kettle campaign is active until January 31, 2014.  After this date, you can still log in to your Online Red Kettle to see how much you raised, but you will not be able to receive donations in your kettle.

We encourage all supporters to submit gifts online. However, if someone strongly prefers to donate with cash or a check, first enter these gifts in your kettle. Log in to your Kettle page, select the 'My Account' button at the top right of the screen, and scroll down to 'Enter Offline Gifts.' In the next screen, you'll see a box titled 'Enter Gifts.' There, select the 'Add Gift' button, fill out the appropriate information, and Save.

The Salvation Army can then help make sure these funds are credited to your kettle. Please make a check payable to “The Salvation Army,” include the kettle name and/or virtual Bell Ringer name in the memo line, and mail it with a completed donation form to your nearest Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters office where it will be processed by our staff.

Please use the location search below, entering in your zip code in the box and hitting "Search" to find the location to mail your check.

Once the donation is processed, you will see these funds reflected in your kettle total. Please do not send cash.


Simply send us an email through the Contact Us form, and provide us with your name, your kettle name, and the donor's name. It's possible they gave through the general "Donate Now" form instead of directly through your kettle page,  but we'll be happy to look into it.

We will never ask you to install or download any application to host an Online Red Kettle or donate to The Salvation Army.

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