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The Salvation Army Northern Division serves people in crisis in Minnesota and North Dakota. There are three easy ways to join us in making an impact this Christmas:

  1. Make a donation to our kettle using the red "Donate" button. A gift in any amount will help serve anyone in need this Christmas and throughout the upcoming year.
  2. Create a personal kettle to help us raise funds. Just click the "Join my company" button. You can set a personal fundraising goal and ask friends, family and coworkers to help the cause. When you join the "Salvation Army North" company, all the funds you raise will count toward our fundraising total on this page.
  3. Create a team kettle to help us raise funds. Don't want to fundraise alone? You can also create a team kettle to get family, friends or coworkers involved. Just click the "Creatte new team" button. You can set a team fundraising goal, recruit team members and multiply your fundraising impact. When you set up your team under the "Salvation Army North" company kettle, all the funds you team raises will count toward our fundraising total on this page.

However you decide to help, know that you have helped us touch many lives.





Raised: $45,040.07
$0.00 (Target goal) $30,000.00

Donor Recognition


COMPANYJoin my company
Members: 20
Teams: 2
Individuals (no team affiliations): 4
Donors: 226
Donations: $45,040.07
Company leader: Nicole Nicklin 
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Fargo ND Corps
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Rock the Red Ke...
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Nicole Nicklin$0.00 (company leader)
Christmas KOOL ...$350.00
El Schefers$25.00
Sandra Saenz$0.00

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