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With heartfelt thanks, I would like to personally say "Thank you" for considering The Salvation Army this Christmas season.

I love the movie, "The Polar Express".  I watch it every Christmas season with my kids. The very first time I watched it with my son, Andrew, who was around 6 years old at the time, looked at me with wide eyes as we approached the end where the little boy finds the jingle bell in a gift box and pulls it out to look at it. Andrew exclaimed, just above a whisper, "Daddy, that's what you do! You bring Christmas to so many boys and girls 'cause you are in charge of the bell ringing!"

Kids . . . their perspective often sheds light on subjects we thought we knew all about! But in a sense . . . that opportunity of ringing the bell at Christmas is something you can now partake in. With your financial support through this site, children in your area will be granted the surprise....the wonder....and the hope that only comes at Christmas! 

Donate . . . and let your generosity be a blessing to someone else today!

Major Steve Morris
Divisional Commander
AOK Division




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